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Tourist Info

Electrical Appliances

The electric current in Finland is 220V (230V), 50Hz. Plugs are the two-pin continental size.


Money & Banking

Currency unit is Euro (symbol is €), divided into 100 cents. Banks are open from 10 am to 4.30 pm, closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Numerous. ATM’s (marked with ”Otto” sign) in the city centre, 24 hour service. Credit cards widely accepted in hotels, restaurants, department stores and taxis.


Post offices & Mail

Post offices open on weekdays from 9 am - 8 pm. Stamped mail can be

dropped in yellow mail boxes for collection. Stamps are available at

post offices, bookstores and kiosks.



International Calls, dial: 00

+ country code

+ area code (drop the prefix 0)

+ phone number

To call to Finland from abroad, dial:

The international code

+ 358 (country code for Finland)

+ area code (drop the prefix 0)

+ phone number


Time difference GMT + 2 hours.



Service charge is automatically included in hotel and restaurant bills. Tips customary only for hotel and restaurant doormen and

porters. Barbers, hairdressers and taxi-drivers do not expect tips.


Lost property office

Main Police-station, Rata-aukio 2, tel. 313 7304


Dial 112 for ambulance, rescue services,

fire department and police.


Order taxi by telephone 10041

(from mobile phone 060030081)


Concert and theatre tickets available from ”Oulun Lippupiste” (located

in Oulu Municipal Theatre, Kaarlenväylä 2) from Tuesday to Friday

10-17, Saturday 12-19 or at the ”door” 1 hour before beginning of the

show. Tel. (08) 5584 7600. Reservations also from national ticket

reservations, tel. 0600-900900 (0,95e/min. + local fee).


Facts about Finland

Area: 338 000 sq km of which 10% water

Population: 5.1 million

Languages: 93% Finnish, 5.8% Swedish

Religion: 85.4% Lutheran, 1.1% Orthodox, 13.5% unaffliated

Capital: Helsinki (546 300 inhabitants)

Government: republic, headed by president (Mrs. Tarja Halonen). One

chamber of 200 elected members parliament.


Facts about Oulu

Area: 1511,3 km2

Population: 139,133 (1 Jan 2010)

Geographic location: 65’ north, 25’35” east.

Founded: 1605 by Charles IX of Sweden

Government: City board and council with representation from 7 political parties.

Province’s capital since 1776.

Sailing fleet of Oulu was largest in Finland in 1860’s. Back then the

most important exports from Oulu were furs, salmon and later also tar,

which was used throughout the world to protect wooden ships. Today the

basic idea behind the city’s international activities is to develop

Oulu into the leading centre of competence for the entire north of

Europe. The ”tar” of the city of Oulu today, is internationally

competitive high level know-how and ability. The region is well known

for its rapidly growing high technology industry which sells its

products throughout the world. The city is thus also an international

growth centre.



Tourist Information office:

Oulun kaupunki Matkailuneuvonta

Torikatu 10, PL 54,


Puh: 044 703 1330 Fax: (08) 5584 0708




Open: Mon-Thu 9 am to 5 pm

Fridays 9 am to 4 pm




Tilaa Oulun tapahtumat


Kooste tapahtumista lähetetään sinulle viikottain ilmestyvällä uutiskirjeellä.

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